Starting Point Journaling-Based Coaching Now Available!

Starting Point Journaling-Based Coaching Sessions: Available Now!

Work with me to create a strategic plan to survive, flourish in, or leave your current employment situation.  I specialize in creating Life Development Plans for those whom are undecided, uncertain, and underwhelmed in their current positions.  Together, via writing activities and email exchanges we can figure out your next steps. By the end of this coaching package you will have created a Life Development Plan, an actual document which lists your goals, as well as a Things to Do list. The LDP gives you clarity and the Things to Do list gives you a plan of action.  Armed with these two documents, you will feel more focused and confident that you can change your life!

As a creative writer, artist, and the director of a retention program for college students, I am particularly interested in how productivity and meaningfulness intersect and just recently joined the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals to strengthen this coaching area.  Just as a cluttered pantry becomes a graveyard of forgotten items, if we do not take time to organize our thoughts and feelings we will begin to lose things:  our minds, our hearts, and our dreams. I am here to help you sort, purge, and reorganize what is not serving you well and to help you search for what you are looking for with more direction and less frustration.  That something could be a new job, a "side-hustle", a creative endeavor, or a special goal. We will figure that out.

My work with college students (of all ages) for the past twenty years has taught me that while there are generational shifts, one constant remains: the search for meaning in our days, especially when the majority of those hours are spent at  work.   Whether you "hold a job" or "have a career" how you spend your day making money should translate into some sense of fulfillment.  If it is not, I encourage you to consider working with me to gain a fresh perspective on your current path.  

I currently am offering my Starting Point journaling package for $150.00.  This seven session journaling-based coaching package is designed to help you organize your thoughts about your current job/career situation.  It is essentially a course about you! Through personalized writing activities (customized to your unique needs) I will help you to unravel the confusing and conflicting thoughts you are having about the course of your professional life. 

What are the objectives of your Starting Point journaling package?

  1. To clearly and specifically articulate why you are not satisfied with your current employment situation.
  2. To understand how you have gotten  yourself into this predicament and to be able to summarize the root of the problem so as to not repeat it. 
  3. To confidently declare a new goal to help resolve this situation. (Transferring to a new branch, finding a new job, using the stable income at the job to invest in a  “side hustle” or passion project, etc.)
  4. To create a realistic Life Development Plan as well as a specfic  Things to Do list which illustrates the first 3-10 steps which need to be taken in order to achieve your goal. 

How does it work? 

  1. Purchase your Starting Point coaching package here.
  2. I will reply (within 24 hours) with your first activity. 
  3. We will have 7 exchanges total, each journal entry building on the one before. Your writing assignments may be different from another client’s writing assignments and that is what makes my approach unique:  you will be given a customized assignment based on your responses.  Your situation may remind me of a poem or short story and your assignment may be to read that poem and respond to it with a very specific question.  Or, I may ask you to compose a letter to your supervisor.  So, be prepared for anything and always know that this is leading somewhere.  You will not receive any "filler" assignments or assignments which do not have a purpose attached to them.  

What resources or equipment will I need?

  1. All you need is the ability to send and receive emails. You may compose your journals in the body of the email if you wish, or you may send as an attachment, whichever works best for you.  After our final session I will email you a PDF of your journal entries as well as your Life Development Plan and official Things to Do list.  This document, illustrated with my own original designs, will be your official record of the work you did to figure things out. It will make for a handy referral as you continue moving ahead with your new plan.  

Why is this course writing-based? 

  1. I have incorporated journaling activities into almost all of my leadership, teaching, and coaching roles for over twenty-five years now. I created journaling activities (when I was 16) for my peers when I was the president of my high school’s creative writing club and I use them now (at the age of 44) in the workshops I host for my TRIO students.  I chose writing for the Starting Point package because I strongly believe that the only way to untangle that knot in your head/heart/soul is to slowly and strategically think about it.  Trying to talk your way through some of these difficult questions (why do you feel numb at your job?) may only produce “surface” results, easy answers.  You may answer a question (verbally) in one voice, your “public voice”.  However, when you write, and sometimes rewrite, you start to get really honest with yourself and you start to flow.  This is when you have found YOUR VOICE.   You know all the answers, you just can’t hear yourself say them.  Writing will help you to hear your own voice again. 

 How much writing will I have to do? 

  1. When you first journal you may find that you have produced a big puddle of Word Vomit. It may be A LOT of rambling words.  That is OK!!!  Part of the process is getting rid of the “extra stuff” so that we can get specific.  You may turn in to me as few or as many words as you would like.  You just want your session to feel complete and authentic to your voice. 

 How long do I have to complete my Starting Point sessions?

  1. I can typically respond to your journal entry within 24 hours. So, it is possible to complete this work in seven to eight days.  You may take longer than that.  In fact, you may only want to tackle one journal a week depending on how much time you have to sit down and write.  I would not take longer than 7 weeks to complete your session though.  Our back and forth exchanges will have their own momentum and if we move too slowly, we may lose some energy for the project.  Constant and consistent writing allows you to really zero in on your thoughts and dig deeper.  The closer the sessions, the more intense the work. 

 What if I am not happy with the results?  Can I get my money back?

  1. Short answer:  No.  Long answer: Refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you don’t think that I am being effective at any point during our  work together, please tell me.  We can address this and fix this.  You do not want to throw away your money.  I do not want to throw away my time. We are both investing in this because we think it will be meaningful.                                                                                                                                      
Please note that my Starting Point coaching package should not be considered mental health counseling, legal counsel, or medical advice.  I am a career and life coach by profession, an advisor.  I am not going to tell you what to do or make any decisions for you.  I am a professional facilitator, providing you with the tools you need (in this case strategic journaling) to improve your current situation. Also, you should know that your work with me is strictly confidential.  I am not allowed to divulge that you are a client of mine. It is my responsibility to ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease with this process.