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New Painting! Barbie Inspired Art: "Eye Cry"

 vintage barbie doll head

I think I was about five years old when I received my Barbie Head.  I loved it so much.  My dad taught me how to braid her hair (he learned that in the Army) and my mom gave me her old black eye pencil stubs, broken lipsticks, and "almost gone" eye shadows to experiment with.  If I could have clocked in the hours I spent on my Barbie Head I probably would have been a licensed cosmetologist by age seven. 

One of my favorite memories of playing with my Barbie Head was washing her face.  A sudsy trail of eye makeup gave her raccoon eyes that could only be rivaled by Nikki Newman in The Young and the Restless, my mom's favorite soap opera.   I would tell my Barbie Head that she would be fine, wipe her face down, and make her "pretty" again.  I think she trusted me. 

Cheers to you, Barbie Head!  I have created Eye Cry in your memory.  While it is probably your fault that I refuse to leave the house without putting on at least some lipstick on my own face, I don't harbor any resentment towards you. In fact, the hours I spent combing your hair and painting your face were meditative, perhaps even zen-like, and allowed for me to daydream about what my own womanhood would one day look like. I appreciate that I had a peaceful childhood which allowed for this precious alone time with you to just think and wonder.  We were besties there for awhile, wouldn't  you agree?