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Pastel Candy

pastel candies



My artwork typically celebrates bold colors.  However, I unexpectedly broke from that with my work "Silent Lucidity".  This piece exposed me to the peaceful quiet of pastel colors.  Upon completion I wanted to explore all things pastel.       

When I think of pastels I think of candy.  I think of those strange buttery yet minty offerings at baby and wedding showers.  A child of the 80s, I have many memories of attending showers for women whom I didn't know, but my mother did.  Typically held in Polish Catholic church halls I was forced to play dumb games involving diapers and rubber ducks.  I did appreciate these mints so typically offered in tiny white paper cups...the kind McDonald's used for ketchup. I ate many to ease the boredom trying to find the phrase "baby bottle" embedded in some word find puzzle.       

(I was pretty good at the games.  I won a laundry basket once. I was twelve.)

In putting together this Mood Board I discovered something called "candy gore" (which seems to co-exist/overlap with "pastel gore").  I am sad that I may have missed its "heyday" which seems to have been around 2011.  However, I did find some artists still working in this genre.  I really like GleamyGuts out of The Netherlands. The designs are a wonderful blend of weird and Kawaii and she (Juliette) seems to really have a thriving business.

According to Urban Dictionary (which has educated me on many a thing):

Candy gore

A form of gore art where the subject tends to be very colorful, and often but does not have to include segmented body pieces and guts (mainly intestines), lacerations, and can occasionally include body horror. The subject also tends to have sticky, almost melted candy like goo in the place of what would be blood. There is also often a reference to foods and candies (e.g candy can striped guts, candy spilling out of the guts, segmented body pieces that look like meat or sliced fruit). sometimes can include references to hearts, stars (e.g heart shaped cross-section of bones, heart or star shaped eyes). Can also sometimes be mistaken for pastel gore.

I will definitely experiment with some candy gore!  I am now a fan and I also think it would just be a good creative exercise. Currently, I am working on my first completely pastel abstract painting. I only work on it a few hours here and there throughout the week as I am being very cautious to neither "underdo" nor "overdo" it.   In fact, I am very interested in how different artist know when their work is "done".  I have been asking some of my favorites on Instagram.  If you are an artist or a person who loves art, let's connect on Instagram!  

Hope you enjoyed this post.  Perhaps now you will appreciate the beauty of other pastel candies (like Circus Peanuts) a bit more.  Also, be sure to keep your eyes open for Necco Wafers!  They are back after a 2 year hiatus.  Supposedly they reworked the chocolate wafer recipe----wasn't that one so weird????


PS:  Doesn't this post just make you want to listen to this song by Marcy's Playground? 

PSS:  If so, you should totally drink Sex and Candy by 18th Street Brewery

(I love this beer and this brewery!!)