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Lemonade Cupcakes

This Mood Board is really quite simple: Lemonade Cupcakes. 

Why:  Lemonade Cupcakes are pretty much the polar opposite of my sweet tooth.  When I want a dessert I want chocolate.  I am most definitely a chocoholic.  (I both resent and resemble that word.) 

For me, chocolate is serious.  Chocolate below 70% is child's play.  Dark and bitter is what I want.  So, when my nieces (fraternal twins) explained to me that they were at a dessert impasse, I took notice as part of our bonding ritual is sharing desserts, especially cupcakes.  Apparently once they turned 9 their dessert palette had been defined:  one preferred vanilla, the other chocolate.  Obviously I could not favor one niece over the other by siding with her chocolate leanings.  So, I did what any good Auntie would do and stated my support for both sides.  

This is when I discovered the Lemonade Cupcake:  a perfect combination of sweet and sour; vanilla cake and lemons. 

Lemonade Cupcakes Art and Design Mood Board celebrates childhood, sugar and spice, lemonade stands, and summer. 

Your Design Challenge:  Pink, white, and yellow are such a lovely combination!  Where could you enjoy some? What about your garden?  What if you were to create a floral interpretation of this palette? 

I hope you enjoyed this post.  My forthcoming art piece "Lemonade Cupcake" will follow this Mood Board.

Stay tuned!