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goth aesthetic


I am working on my next cupcake and I was thinking Red Velvet.  So, I started playing around with a mood board to define how that would look.  That path led me to a recipe for Dead Velvet cupcakes. (It is British and I don't understand all of it, but I am sure you can figure it out.  Use your Nancy Drew Decoder Ring or something.  Hint: Rice Bubbles= Kellogg's Rice Crispies) This recipe then somehow led me to an awesome article about Linda Cardellini's style in Dead to Me which then led me to the history of Goth. Damn those internet-vortex-rabbit holes.

Anyway…Tah-dah!  Here is my board!  This board celebrates 90's Goth style in the broadest (most generic/mallgoth) of ways.  It takes the crushed red velvet inlay of  your dELiA*s body suit and the black pleather of the cheap skirt you found at 5*7*9 and combines that with some chunky Doc Marten’s and those black and white striped socks (probably from Claire's) all the Goth girls were wearing.  A bit stereotypical? Perhaps. But...I wasn't the one avoiding the sun by hanging out at Hot Topic...while drinking  an Orange Julius...

I digress.  

While  I never identified as Goth or had any Goth friends I think it is only fair to say that this subculture (when authentic) did attempt to demonstrate that people, especially teens, were tired of being force-fed mainstream ideals about beauty, faith, and purpose.  My understanding of the Goths is that they rebelled against the idea that there could be no beauty in things which others may find "ugly" or "dark".  As a person whom has traveled to Cave Hill Cemetery (Louisville, KY) and Pere Lachaise Cemetery (Paris, France) specifically to study the graves and who finds meaning and lightness in post-morterm photography, deserted houses, dead shopping malls, and all things painted black, I probably am quite a bit Goth.  Furthermore, the Goth ability to use fashion, music, and art to make a statement against robotic thinking is a form of artistic expression which I can respect. 

I will end with a quote from my favorite fictional Goth girl because I think it epitomizes one philosophy of the Goth movement by challenging the righteousness of one religious view over another and, at the same time, proving that to be Goth didn't mean one was dead inside;

"They wanted me to dissect a frog, I told them it was against my religion."

--Lydia Deetz