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Dylan's Bungalow

dylan mckay house design board

Wednesday nights in the early ‘90s meant one thing:  Beverly Hills, 90210!  (Well, later it actually meant two as many 90210 fans soon became Melrose Place viewers.)  I have a lot of really good memories watching the show with friends and even my parents.  It will always represent a moment in time, true nostalgia.  I was very sad to hear of Luke Perry’s unexpected passing last year and that is why he is the chosen cast member for this Mood Board which celebrates the colors, textures, and patterns incorporated into the set design for the home of his complex character Dylan McKay.

Setting:  Dylan’s 1909 Craftsman bungalow is secluded, den-like and dimly lit.  His bachelor pad decor is a subtle pattern of mix-matched surface design:  tapestries, surf boards, and Serape blankets.  This gives Dylan’s vintage abode a very casual and bohemian vibe; a direct contrast to the Craftsman staples surrounding him such as stained glass windows and heavy walnut trim.  The lack of matching furniture (much less a decorating scheme) is symbolic of youth and rebellion.  Free of parents, siblings, and home-cooked meals, Dylan’s home is the “upside down” to “Casa Walsh” which represents family, tradition, and wholesomeness.  It is this contrast in setting which make visits to Dylan’s house all the more “adult”.  

Dylan’s Bungalow Art and Design Mood Board celebrates the freedom to not follow design rules, to mix patterns any way we want, and to not feel the pressure to honor the “bones” of the house. 

Your Design Challenge:  Incorporate one pattern which seemingly does not match into one tiny little corner of your house.  Do you have a gray couch with proper gray and white striped pillows?  What would happen if you added one rogue pillow?  Maybe leopard?  Tartan? Polka dots? Changes everything, doesn’t it?

I hope you enjoyed this post.  My forthcoming art piece Cabana #2 will follow this Mood Board.

“May the bridges I burn light the way.”
---Dylan McKay

PS:  #TeamBrenda